Navigate the Holiday Season with 5 Free Christmas List Printables

Navigate the Season with Christmas List Printables

Navigate the holiday season with these 5 Christmas list printables! They’re festive, fun, and best of all, they’re totally FREE!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Tonight at midnight the calendar clicks over to November 1st, and the 2016 holiday season officially starts. Retailers everywhere are setting up their Christmas displays as I type. Are you ready?

As much as I love this time of year, I have to admit that certain aspects of it overwhelm me. For example, trying to coax a wish list out of my children, or remember who I still need to make Christmas cards for, saps my mental energy. Although Christmas parties are a lot of fun to host — especially when I get to make the decorations — remembering all the little details can be stressful. Then there’s the whole holiday retail shopping scene — what a nightmare that can be if you’re not properly prepared!

Do these parts of the holiday season overwhelm you, too? If so, I’ve got something that may help you this year: Christmas list printables!

5 Free Christmas List Printables

Over the years I’ve found that making detailed lists makes the whole holiday season less stressful. Of course, being a paper crafter, I absolutely have to put a creative spin on any list I use. So each year I make a fresh and festive batch of coordinating Christmas list printables to use. This adds some fun to the more chore-like aspects of the holiday season. Not only that, but I can tuck the finished lists in my scrapbook at the end of the season. They’ll help jostle my memories when it’s time to journal about this holiday season — bonus!

Here’s a peek at the Christmas list printables set that I made to use this year. I’m feeling pretty traditional this year, so I went with a red and green polka dot scheme along with some small holly accents.

Christmas Wish List - Christmas List Printables
Christmas Gift List - Christmas List Printables
Christmas Card List - Christmas List Printables
Christmas Party Planner - Christmas List Printables
Thank You Card List - Christmas List Printables

Download & Use

Free Download: Christmas List Printables (<–Click Link to Download)

With this download, you’ll receive a PDF file that includes all five printables shown above. Please note that this file will download to your computer as a .zip file, so you’ll need to ‘unzip’ it before you can use it.

When printed at full size, each list in this set will fit on one 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper, with some white space around it depending on the automatic margins your printer sets. If you want or need to print them at a smaller size, be sure to adjust the sizes in your PDF reader ahead of time.

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Are you ready for for the holiday season? Do you think these Christmas list printables will help you? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Article written by Deedee Anderson

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