Eliminate Craft Storage Drain with Coordinated Craft Storage Systems

Eliminate Craft Storage Drain

Craft storage frustrations draining your time and energy? Eliminate the ‘drain’ with coordinated craft storage systems!

Craft Storage Drain: A Common Problem

Shortly after the launch of Paper Craft Romance, I asked each of my crafty friends the same question: what is the one paper crafting problem for which you’d like to find a solution? Craft storage was the top answer by far. Similarly, in a recent subscriber poll, 66% of those of you who responded listed craft storage as the biggest challenge you face in your paper crafting. Oh yes — the frustration is clear! When you think about it, it also makes perfect sense.

Unlike some hobbies, paper crafting involves supplies in a really wide range of sizes, shapes, and textures. From big electric cutting machines to itty bitty sequins, each tool needs to be stored differently. So we buy carts, boxes, totes, drawers — anything that we can cram into the limited space we have to protect our valuable supplies. But paper crafting tools really only work when we use them together. The result? We end up having to ‘shop’ for supplies all over again each time we want to make something!

Finding the time to craft when inspiration strikes is challenging enough. Although the miscellaneous containers we commonly use for craft storage may support a clean craft area, digging through them every time we want to make something is a huge drain. Not only does it drain the free time we have, but our energy as well. Because low energy is one of the biggest contributors to creative block, this is definitely something we want to avoid!

So how do we eliminate the problem of craft storage ‘drain’ while still keeping our supplies organized and protected? The answer is simple: choose coordinated craft storage systems!

What to Look For in Effective Storage Systems

A truly effective craft storage system is one that is designed with the whole of paper crafting in mind, not just one small piece. Not only does it organize and protect supplies, but the parts of it coordinate to make all of your supplies easily accessible so that they can be used together. Main features to look for in an effective craft storage system include:

  • Customizability – Pieces can be added, removed, and/or completely rearranged to meet your needs
  • Space-saving – Elements hook or stack together, and/or can be mounted walls to fit the size of your craft space
  • Accessibility – All of your main supplies, from paper to punches, are visible and reachable with minimal effort

Although there are literally thousands of options available, very few storage systems are coordinated to meet all of these needs. The good news, however, is that they do exist — you just have to know where to find them!

Where to Find Coordinated Craft Storage Systems

1. The Original Scrapbox

The Original Scrapbox 2.0 - Coordinated Craft Storage
The Original Scrapbox 2.0

The Original Scrapbox offers the ultimate all-in-one craft storage solutions, from craft armoires that close up for a tidy look, to clear-top desks that eliminate the need to hunt for supplies.

EZ View Desk by The Original Scrapbox
EZ View Desk 2.0 by The Original Scrapbox

Each piece is available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and has optional add-ons to make it work for you. Although at the high end of the size and price scale, with pieces starting at $575.00, The Original Scrapbox products consistently get rave reviews.

2. Stamp-n-Storage

Craft storage systems by Stamp-n-Storage
Craft storage systems by Stamp-n-Storage

Stamp-n-Storage specializes in storage and organization solutions for paper crafters. Each of their many finely-crafted wooden pieces is designed to give you the best craft storage experience possible.

Products range from customizable roll-top craft desks with built-in holders for ribbon, punches, ink pads, and more…

Roll-top desk by Stamp-n-Storage
Roll-top craft desk by Stamp-n-Storage

…to modular pieces that can be stacked, hung, and rearranged to meet any size of craft space.

Corner craft storage unit by Stamp-n-Storage
Corner craft storage unit by Stamp-n-Storage

Stamp-n-Storage craft storage tools are at the medium range for both price and size. Individual pieces, such as a 24-ink-pads holder start at $43.75. However, you can save by investing in one of their starter kits, such as the Small Starter Kit shown below, which retails for just $209.

Small Starter Kit by Stamp-n-Storage - Coordinated Craft Storage
Small Starter Kit by Stamp-n-Storage

3. Close To My Heart

Workspace Wonder - Coordinated Craft Storage
Workspace Wonder – Customizable Craft Storage by Close To My Heart

With the release of the 2016-17 Annual Inspirations catalogue, Close To My Heart introduced a wonderful, affordable line of craft storage tools to really make your craft space functional. The new Workspace Wonder modular system is fully customizable to hold all of your main tools in a way that is right for you.

Take a peek at how this system works, and some of the many options available to you!

Workspace Wonder pieces start at just $9.95, making them very budget friendly, and the size of the system is completely up to you. Because each piece is sold separately, you can add as few or as many of whichever pieces you need. You can even start with just a few and add on as needed.


While craft storage ‘drain’ is an extremely common frustration among paper crafters, it doesn’t have to be! By using a system like those shown above, you’ll free up valuable time and creative energy to use where you really need it — on your projects. Although they range in price and size, there is a coordinated storage system that is right for you. Effective storage systems offer you the ability to keep your craft space organized and tidy, while also making your supplies easily accessible. No more having to dig through boxes and totes every time you want to make a project, and no more craft storage ‘drain’!

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Article written by Deedee Anderson

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