Drag Your Mojo Home – 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

5 Ways to Break Creative Block

Has your creative mojo left the building? Break through your creative block and drag your mojo home with these 5 easy techniques.

The Mojo Has Left the Building

You’re two-thirds of the way through a project, have paper, glitter, and glue everywhere — including your hair — and then slam! Your mojo suddenly — and quite rudely — leaves the building. Worse yet, it locks you in on the its way out. Oh no…creative block! Ugh…we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Sometimes, no matter how much you want — maybe even need — to finish a project, you can’t. Maybe you no longer feel inspired, or perhaps you’ve got tons of ideas but just can’t seem to get moving on any of them. Either way, creative block can be absolutely maddening!

5 Ways to Break Creative Block

The good news is, there are some really easy but powerful things you can do to break through a creative block. Give one or more of these a try, and you’ll be bashing down the door of your creative block and dragging your mojo back home in no time!

1. Change Your Scene

Change Your Scene - 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

Sometimes when we feel stuck in our crafting, what we really are is bored. We’ve been in the same place for too long, and need to look at and think about other things for a while. Leaving the craft room often isn’t enough of a scene change to break a creative block, because every time you walk past that door, you feel the pressure to go back in and work.

Instead, leave the house for a while. Go to coffee with a friend and enjoy a nice chat. Go try on clothes at your favorite too-expensive boutique and then share silly selfies of the worst outfits on Facebook. Go sit on a bench by the lake and feed the ducks.  Just go! Sometimes even just an hour or two in a different environment — any different environment — is all that’s needed to recharge your creativity.

2.  Lighten Up

Lighten Up - 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

The lighting — or lack thereof — in your craft room could be causing your creative block. Although these days we’re cautioned against spending too much time in the sun, sunlight is one of the main ingredients necessary to make Vitamin D. Vitamin D in turn stimulates production of serotonin — the brain chemical that controls motivation. According to renowned neuroscientist Dr. Alex Korb, when our serotonin levels get too low, so does our willpower to follow-through on the things we want to do.

While the lighting in your work space may seem very bright to you, even the brightest office lighting only puts out about 1/100th the power of the sun. That’s a pretty significant difference! To increase your serotonin levels, you need to actually get out in the sun. Scientists recommend 10 minutes per day for fair skinned individuals, and up to 20 minutes per day for those with darker skin tones. Just make sure you apply your sunscreen first!

3. A Little Mindless Entertainment

A Little Mindless Entertainment - 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

You may not realize it, but ‘focus’ and ‘creativity’ are two entirely different brain functions. Although we can and do use them together, sometimes too much focus can block creativity. The solution? Give your brain a break and do something mindless for a little while. Catch up on your favorite TV show, flip through a travel magazine, or watch a few funny pet videos. Housework is also a good option. I don’t know about you, but I often get my best project ideas — and the energy to make them — while cleaning the bathroom. It’s silly — and maybe a little gross — but it’s also true!

4. Walk it Off

Walk It Off - 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

Walking isn’t just good for your waistline — it may also boost your creativity! A 2014 study by Stanford University showed that our creativity increases while we walk, as well as for a time after. Moreover, it turns out it’s not the interesting things we see while walking that helps, but the act of walking itself. In other words, if the weather is bad, or you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, you can still get the same benefits by walking indoors. What a great excuse to wander the aisles of your favorite craft store for an hour! (You’re welcome.)

5. Catch Some Extra Zzzz’s

Catch Some Extra Zzzs - 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

If you’re feeling like your mojo has fled, it could just be that you need a little extra sleep. When we’re tired, our brains have to work extra hard just to keep our bodies functioning, with little left over for creativity.  Sleep is also another important factor in serotonin creation (see # 2 above). In other words, if you’re lacking sleep, you’re not just lacking creativity — you’re also lacking motivation.

While you may feel like working into the night is necessary to break your creative block, it’s also totally counterproductive.  Instead, give yourself permission to go to bed an hour earlier. You might be surprised by the positive effects this has, not just on your creativity, but on your overall mood and well-being.

While creative block is something all crafters face at one time or another, you don’t have to sit in idle frustration until it passes. Using these five powerful methods, you can easily break any creative block. Show your mojo who’s boss and drag it back home where it belongs! After all, you’ve got projects — and messes — that need making.

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Article written by Deedee Anderson


4 thoughts on “Drag Your Mojo Home – 5 Ways to Break Creative Block

  1. Great ideas, Deedee! I’m currently in that block. Plenty to do in my craft room, and some ideas but fatigue and too much to do have me blocked. Sleep sounds really good about now.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’re in creative block right now, Steph! Life can sure get hectic sometimes, can’t it? Please take care of yourself, and get the extra sleep you need. As fun as crafting is, it will keep until you’re ready. 🙂

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