10 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

10 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas decor doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive.  Create a festive holiday home with these easy, cheap DIY Christmas decor ideas!

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin

With Thanksgiving over and the dinner guests gone home, it’s time to decorate for Christmas! Sure, you’re busy, and no doubt your budget is tight this time of year. But no matter how little free time or money you have, you can still have a festive home for the holidays by putting your paper craft skills to work. Need some inspiration to get started? Check out some of the fun ideas I’ve collected for you today!

10 Cheap & Easy DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Wrapping Paper Tree - DIY Christmas Decor

Here’s a super cute way to decorate your entryway or a small living space for the holidays! Cut wrapping paper into a fun tree shape, and outline with some pretty ribbon or Washi tape. A few inexpensive foil bows — or even some handmade ones — make excellent adornments. Wouldn’t this idea from HGTV make a great place to keep some extra little wrapped goodies for neighbors and friends who are likely to stop in unexpectedly?

2. Tealight Snowman Ornaments

Tealight Snowman Ornaments - DIY Christmas Decor

Aren’t these tealight snowman ornaments by Hoosier Homemade super sweet? Pick up a pack of LED tealights at the Dollar Store, and then draw on faces with a permanent marker. The rest is just a little paper and ribbon. These would be so fun to make with the kids or grandkids, and once finished, can be used in so many different ways! For exampled, you could use them to decorate a simple wreath, hang them from the mantle, or even add them to gift packages!

3. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Giant Paper Plate Lollipops - DIY Christmas Decor

There’s no doubt your driveway would look festive lined with these giant paper plate lollipops! All you need to make them is some basic paper plate, acrylic paint, wood dowels, ribbon, and glue — all super cheap materials. Such a clever DIY holiday idea by Kelly Dixon at Smart School House!

4. Snowman Fridge

Snowman Fridge - DIY Christmas Decor

It just doesn’t get easier, cheaper, or cuter than this snowman fridge holiday decor idea by Jamie at Hands On We Grow! Use a punch or dies to cut out black paper circles in various sizes for the snowman eyes, mouth, and buttons. Then free-hand cut an orange paper scrap nose and a ribbon scarf to complete the scene! Jamie stuck hers on with magnets glued to the back of each piece, but removable adhesive would also work.

5. Holly Wall

Holly Wall - DIY Christmas Decor

Deck the walls with boughs of holly with this easy and cheap holiday decor idea from Snow & Graham. The leaves are cut from sheets of green paper, and the berries are honeycomb paper balls folded halfway. Use the free templates, or customize the shapes and wording with your holiday dies and/or electric cutting machine!

6. White Paper Window Scene

White Paper Window Scene - DIY Christmas Decor

Use your imagination and some basic white paper to create a lovely holiday window scene like this one from Meine Grüne Wiese! Wouldn’t a strand of Christmas lights light this up so prettily?

7. Framed Holiday Printables

Framed Holiday Printables - DIY Christmas Decor

Holiday printables like this one from Kelly at the Turquoise Home always make great DIY holiday decor! There are many free holiday printables available to choose from on the Internet, or you can even make your own on your computer. Then it’s just a matter of finding the right frame, which are always on sale this time of year.

8. Holiday Door Hanger

Holiday Door Hanger - DIY Christmas Decor

How about a holiday hanger for your door, like this one from Family Holiday.net? To make it, simply cut a few rectangles from some recycled cardboard (something we all have way too much of this time of year anyway). Next, wrap the rectangles with your favorite holiday papers, and then decorate each with die or machine cut words or other holiday elements. To string the rectangles togethers, simply glue a length of ribbon along the center back of them (hot glue will hold the best). One more length of ribbon attached at the top left and right corners of the top-most rectangle will give you your hanging mechanism. Finally, finish it off with a pretty bow. So easy, cheap, and best of all — festive!

9. Holiday Paper Cone Wreath

Paper Cone Wreath - DIY Christmas Decor

Grab a pad of your favorite 6×6-inch double-sided holiday papers to make a cheap and easy but lovely paper cone wreath. This one by the folks at Oriental Trading Company is put together with hot glue. Don’t the paper doilies at the center give this such a sweet look?

10. Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Coffee Filter Angel Wings - DIY Christmas Decor

Trim layered coffee filters into lovely angel wings like these from Home Talk. Finish off with some glitter and ribbon for a sparkly bit of Christmas loveliness that you can hang from your tree or your mantel.


No  matter how little free time or how tight your budget is right now, there’s always a way to make your home festive for Christmas. The DIY Christmas decor ideas featured here can help get you started, but don’t stop there. All you need is a little paper and some crafty imagination, and your Christmas decorations will be made on time and under budget.  Go ahead — there’s no better time than today to get started!

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