Last Minute DIY Stocking Stuffers from $ Store Basics

Last Minute DIY Stocking Stuffers from $ Store Finds

Avoid stocking stuffers stress with these 26 DIY stocking stuffers ideas. With a few dollar store basics, they’re easy to make, even at the last minute!

Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Do you fill stockings for your family for Christmas? If so, then you know how challenging it can be to find the right stocking stuffers, especially if you leave it to the last minute. Store shelves are picked over, and what’s left is either too big, too boring, or just plain too weird for a stocking. Trying to work it out is enough to bring on a headache…unless you change your strategy! This year, instead of shopping for stocking stuffers, why not make them yourself? Although Christmas is nearly here, there’s still plenty of time to do it!

DIY Stocking Stuffers from $ Store Basics

With the help of some basic items (most available from the dollar store), stocking stuffers are easy to make. All you need are crafty hands (which I know you’ve got!) and a few good ideas. I’ve got you covered with 27 clever ideas — including links to directions — from around the web. Each of these stocking stuffers is quick and easy to make, and can be customized to suit male or female family members. With a fast dash through your local discount store for supplies, you’ll be all set to go!

1. Mini Origami Notebooks

Mini Origami Notebooks - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Mini origami notebooks

Mini anything is always a hit, and mini origami notebooks definitely fit the bill. Choose a 6×6 sheet of patterned paper that your recipient will like, and then follow the easy video tutorial offered at Paper Kawaii to make one.

2. Paper-wrapped Pencils

Paper Wrapped Pencils - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Paper-wrapped pencils

Transform simple pencils or colored pencils into unique stocking stuffers by wrapping them in decorative papers! Simply cut your papers to the right size to fit your pencils, and then apply with Mod Podge. Details about this easy project can be found here at Moonfrye.

3. Origami Business Card Holders

Origami Business Card Holders - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Origami business bard holders

Business cards are important tools, and these origami business card holders by Jessica at How About Orange can help store them in style. These also double as great gift card holders!

4. Reindeer Gum Holders

Reindeer gum holders - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Reindeer gum holders

Gum is always a fun treat, but even more so when dressed as a reindeer! These reindeeer gum holders from Kaysi at Keeping it Simple are so easy to make, and so cute, too!

5. Post-it Pad Holders

Post-it Note Holders - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Post-it Note Holders

Who doesn’t love post-it notes? Dee of Create with Dee can show you how to dress them up to be perfect stocking stuffers!

6. Holiday Lip Balms

Christmas fun with EOS lip balms - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Christmas fun with EOS lip balms

Give EOS lip balms some Christmas flair with these cute, printable patterns and directions from Amy at The Idea Room.

Merry Kissmas lip balm - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Merry Kissmas lip balm

If you prefer to use regular Chapstick, you can find great variation with printable cards to use over at Thrifty Jinxy.


7. Corner Bookmarks

Corner Bookmarks - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Corner Bookmarks

Bookmarks are great for readers of all ages, and fit perfectly in stockings. Corner bookmarks like these from Instructables can easily be personalized to suit each of your beloved readers.

8. Altered Chipboard Coasters

Altered Chipboard Coasters - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Altered Chipboard Coasters

Chipboard coasters are cheap and so easy to alter! Melissa at the Happier Homemaker decorated hers with maps, but you can follow her process to decorate yours with whatever paper styles your loved ones prefer.

9. Coupon Book

Coupon Books - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Coupon Books

Coupons that can be redeemed for various things throughout the year are always fun to give and get. Splitcoast Stampers has a great tutorial for how to make a whole book of coupons, including a free printable PDF for the basic coupons to help you out.

10. Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Tree

Hershey's Kiss Christmas Trees - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Hershey’s Kiss Christmas Trees

Christmas chocolate is never so fun as when gifted in the form of a Christmas tree! Watch this video to learn how Brenda of QBee’s Quest makes these.

11. Nail File Holder

Nail File Holder - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Nail File Holder

Even basic necessities like nail files can be converted into clever stocking stuffers! Learn how from Connie of Simply Simple.

12. Prayer Boxes

Prayer Boxes - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Prayer Boxes

These stocking stuffers can really help put your loved ones’ heads ands hearts at ease. Learn how to convert simple candy tins or boxes into useful prayer boxes with this video tutorial by Michelle Newten.

13. Binder Clip Photo Holders

Binder clip photo holders - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Binder clip photo holders

Everyone has photos they want to display, which is why binder clip photo holders make great stocking stuffers! Leanneja at Organize and Decorate Everything has directions for how to make basic ones, and of course, you can decorate yours as elaborately as you want.

14. Matchbook Paperclip Set

Matchbook Paperclip Set - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Matchbook Paperclip Set

Speaking of clips, why not a decorative paper clip set in a cute little matchbook holder? This tutorial is available right here at Paper Craft Romance!

15. Washi Tape Wrapped Votives

Washi Tape Wrapped Votives - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Washi Tape Wrapped Votives

Stocking stuffers just don’t get any easier than wrapping votive candle holders in Washi tape! You can get votives in various scents at the dollar store, and get tips for wrapping the holders from Jenni at I Spy DIY.

16. Mini Travel Games

Mini Travel Games - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Mini Travel Games

Here’s another great use for leftover candy tins: mini travel games! There’s an easy how-to plus printable game boards available at Instructables. A couple quick notes on this one: 1.) You can use inexpensive magnets instead of fancy ones; 2.) Although they use clay to make their game pieces, you can easily substitute chipboard, buttons, punched shapes, or whatever else you have on hand.

17. Reindeer Poop

Reindeer Poop - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Reindeer poop (candy)

OK, this one just makes me laugh! But hey, funny is good, right? Reindeer poop is actually just chocolate covered candies that you put in bag with a cute paper topper. You can get a free printable tag to make your own like this one from Over the Big Moon.

18. Altered Pocket Calendars

Altered pocket calendars - DIY stocking stuffers
Altered pocket calendars

New pocket calendars are always helpful this time of year. Find the ones with the plastic covers, and then make your own decorative covers to turn them into awesome stocking stuffers. Visit Kathleen at My All to get the measurements and process she used to make these ones. You can also use the same idea to make altered plastic checkbook covers!

19. Personalized Trinket Dish

Personalized trinket dish - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Personalized trinket dish

All you need to personalize an inexpensive trinket dish like this one from Cristine at the Global Chameleon is some rub-ons and Mod Podge™. Alternately, use doilies, pretty papers, stickers, or whatever other paper elements you have on hand. Just be sure to seal it all with Mod Podge™ when you’re done!

20. Laminated Cards on a Ring

Laminated cards on a ring - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Laminated cards on a ring

Help students of all ages learn what they need to on the go with laminated cards-on-a-ring. Lindsay at The Cottage Mama used self-sealing pouches to make hers, but you could also use clear contact paper. If there are no students in your family, how about making cards with daily affirmations or poems or Scripture verses on them instead?

Printable Christmas 'I Spy' cards on a ring - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Printable Christmas ‘I Spy’ cards on a ring

Erika of Living Well Mom offers this cute variation that’s specific to Christmas — a printable I Spy game! Pair it with a washable marker or crayon for easy use.

21. Custom Word Puzzles

Custom word puzzles - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Custom word puzzles

Use the online tool from Puzzle Maker to make custom, printable crossword and word search stocking stuffers . You can personalize them to each family member, and even make a whole book of them if you’re feeling inspired!

22. Hand Santa-tizer

Hand Santa-tizer - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Hand Santa-tizer

Transform practical hand sanitizer into hand Santa-tizer! Julie at Paper Jewels has some creative tips to get you started.

23. Personalized Cell Phone Covers

Personalized cell phone covers - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Personalized cell phone covers

Personalized cell phone covers can be pricey, but not if you decorate them yourself! Start with clear cases, and then create custom inserts following the directions offered by Diane at Momtastic DIY.

24. Candy Coins

Candy coins - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Candy coins

This clever idea from Martha Stewart costs a bit more because it’s literally made out of money, but it’s too cute to pass up! Simply wrap rolls of quarters in striped paper followed by cellophane, and then tie the ends to make easy but festive stocking stuffers.

25. Printable Tangram Puzzles and Cards

Printable tangram puzzles and cards - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Printable tangram puzzles and cards

Print off this fun set of tangram puzzles and cards by Keri at One Mama’s Daily Drama at a reduced size for easy kid-friendly stocking stuffers. You can package them in a cellophane bag, or even make a little paper box that’s the right size to fit into a stocking.

26. Cozy Snowman Candy Bars

Cozy snowman candy bars - DIY Stocking Stuffers
Cozy snowman candy bars

Fuzzy socks make cozy hats for these paper-wrapped snowman candy bars by the lovely ladies at Teacher Bits & Bobs. You could even substitute a simple pair of mittens. How fun would these be as double-duty stocking stuffers?


Your family is sure to appreciate your creativity when they discover these DIY stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. All you need are a few dollar or discount store basics to get started. While Christmas is just days away, there’s still time to make stocking stuffers that are the perfect fit for your stockings and budget. By making your own stocking stuffers, you can avoid the shopping headache. Plus you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done — even if it is at the last minute!

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4 thoughts on “Last Minute DIY Stocking Stuffers from $ Store Basics

  1. What a fun collection of ideas! It just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money to make useful gifts people can use. I love the origami business card holders and the altered tins, but that coupon book is fun too 🙂
    Merry Christmas Deedee!

    • I’m so glad you like the ideas, Carol! Just trying to do my part to show that meaningful, useful gifts don’t have to be costly. Besides, making them is so much more fun, isn’t it? Merry Christmas to you, too, Carol! 🙂

  2. KT Fit Kitty says:

    So many cute ideas here, Deedee! Thank you! I think the Snowman Poop is hilarious! Thanks for the link to the download!

    • I hope these are helpful to you, Kitty! We live in a wonderfully creative world these days where ideas are so easy to come by. Isn’t that poop hilarious? I really debated about including it, but couldn’t stop laughing so I just had to tuck it in there. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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