Make the Easiest Handmade Holiday Cards Ever

Make the Easiest Handmade Holiday Cards Ever

Think gorgeous, handmade holiday cards are too hard or time-consuming to make? Not with the ‘Tis the Season card kit by Close To My Heart!

The Challenge of Handmade Holiday Cards

Handmade holiday cards really are the most fun to send, aren’t they? The challenge, of course, is getting them made! First you have to plan a design, then find just the right cardmaking materials. Of course then there’s the cutting, punching, and assembly. If you’re new to cardmaking, or just plain busy (and who isn’t this time of year), that can all be a bit overwhelming. But what if I told you there was a way you could make gorgeous, handmade holiday cards without all that? With the new Cut Above ‘Tis the Season holiday card kit by Close To My Heart, there is!

Easiest Handmade Holiday Cards Ever!

Close To My Heart specializes in making cardmaking and other paper crafts accessible to everyone, and their newest Cut Above card kit is testament to that. With each ‘Tis the Season card kit, you get all the paper materials you need to make 10 gorgeous handmade holiday cards in a snap, including envelopes!

'Tis the Season card kit by Close To My Heart - Handmade Holiday Cards
‘Tis the Season card kit by Close To My Heart

While many card kits give you a variety of coordinated materials to work with, this kit takes it a step further. All of the papers are precut and designed to fit together in a certain way, eliminating the planning and cutting stages altogether. The pattern printed on the red card bases even looks to be hand-stamped, so nobody will know you didn’t stamp them yourself!

'Tis the Season Cut Above Card Kit for Easy Handmade Holiday Cards
Includes all paper materials (plus envelopes) to make 10 easy handmade holiday cards.

Really all that you need to do to make handmade holiday cards using this kit is to stamp a little something on the sentiment piece, and then assemble.

Stamp a Sentiment - Handmade Holiday Cards
The 1.75-inch wide x1 .5-inch tall sentiment piece works perfectly with small sentiment or image stamps.

I was able to assemble all 10 cards in about half an hour, while watching a movie at the same time. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Finished Cards from the 'Tis the Season card kit by Close To My Heart - Handmade Holiday Cards
All 10 cards, finished in just half an hour!

Of course, if you have a little more free time, or just want to put your own creativity to work on your handmade holiday cards, you can always create your own design. There are several different ways you could lay out the basic materials included in the ‘Tis the Season card kit, and still save time. As you can see above, I made some of the cards vertical, and some horizontal. You could take it even further by totally rearranging the paper pieces.

Stamp small images in color behind a darker sentiment - Handmade Holiday Cards
Stamp small images in color behind a darker sentiment for a fun look.

Also, you can get a variety of different looks just by changing up the stamps you use on the sentiment piece. For example, you could stamp small colored images, and then add a greeting in a darker color over the top, like I did here. I even linked my jingle bells with a little string that I drew in gold gel pen.

Close To My Heart has designed several different mini stamp sets that work perfectly with the small sentiment piece included in this kit, such as those shown here. Each is also just $2.95, so they’re mini in price as well as size!

Mini Stamps by Close To My Heart - Handmade Holiday Cards
Mini stamps like “Mini Christmas” and “A Little Jingle Holiday” work perfectly with the sentiment piece.


By using  the ‘Tis the Season  card kit by Close To My Heart to make handmade holiday cards this year, you’ll get creative freedom while saving lots of time. Simply choose the stamps you want to work with, and then go! Assembly is super fast, because all of the materials in this kit are precut and designed to work together. What a wonderful way to maximize your precious time this holiday season while still doing something you love. After all, handmade holiday cards are the most fun to send, aren’t they?

Order yours today!

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