Falliday Fest – 1 Paper Craft Fest to Rule Them All

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Falliday Fest is on at Splitcoast Stampers, now thru October 31st. This first-ever paper crafting extravaganza is one event you won’t want to miss!

1 Paper Craft Fest to Rule Them All

If you thought World Card Making Day was fun, just wait until you get a load of Falliday Fest! This first-ever paper crafting extravaganza hosted by Splitcoast Stampers will be a three-week-long whirlwind of non-stop paper crafting fun!

From now thru October 31st, the master crafters at Splitcoast Stampers are bringing you:

  • 30 Unique paper craft challenges
  • 10 Holiday paper craft tutorials
  • 4 Card drives for a cause
  • Tons of prizes from top paper craft suppliers

What is Splitcoast Stampers?

Splitcoast Stampers - Copyright 2016 Splitcoast Stampers

Splitcoast Stampers is the largest online paper craft community in the world! Started in 2002 by Daven and Tracy Nolta as a support forum for Tracy’s Stampin’ Up! downline, this now-public community has grown into a thriving international hive of paper craft activity. Although stamping and cardmaking is still a central focus at Splitcoast Stampers, all paper crafts are represented and supported.

At Splitcoast Stampers you’ll find:

  • Member and company-specific project galleries
  • Paper craft tutorials galore
  • Daily paper craft challenges, even when Falliday Fest isn’t happening
  • Hundreds of chat boards, sorted by topic, for getting info about your favorite companies and products, and for interacting with other paper crafters around the world

How to Join the Falliday Fest Fun

To join the Falliday Fest fun, you must be a Splitcoast Stampers member. However, basic membership is completely FREE, and includes access to most of the forum’s resources. To sign up, simply visit the Splitcoast Stampers website, and then click the grey “Join” button at the top right of the screen. You’ll need to fill in some basic information about yourself, but it only takes a minute to do this.

Once you’ve joined and are logged in at Splitcoast Stampers, visit the Falliday Fest forum. Here you’ll find a variety of threads dedicated to the Falliday Fest events. Follow the detailed directions provided with each challenge to participate. Although the challenge threads themselves are closed to comments, there are other chat threads in this forum where you can get help if you need it. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or directions if you need them — other members are always willing to help!

Important Note About Photo Uploading at Splitcoast Stampers

One important thing to note about Splitcoast Stampers is that there are certain restrictions on photo uploading. Free members may only upload their project photos Monday thru Saturday, and all uploads must be approved by a moderator.

Normally this means that your projects won’t show up in their photo galleries until they have been looked at and approved. However, Splitcoast Stampers often turns off photo moderation requirements during special events like Falliday Fest. I can’t guarantee that’s the case this time around, so if your photos don’t show up right away after you upload them, please be patient. The moderators are all volunteers, and work as quickly as they can to get to each and every photo.

If you don’t want to have to hassle with the photo uploading restrictions during Falliday Fest or any other time, you can sign up for a paid Fan Club membership at Splitcoast Stampers. For just $24.95 per year or $14.95 for 6 months, paid members get:

  • Access to a monthly members-only themed project galleries. Each monthly gallery includes over 100 projects samples made by the Splitcoast ‘Dirty Dozen’ design team.
  • Additional members-only templates and tutorials
  • Access to all Fan Club galleries dating back to 2004
  • Sneak peeks at and a head start on upcoming special event challenges
  • The ability to upload 7 days a week, with no moderator approval necessary

I’m a paid member at Splitcoast Stampers, and really feel it’s worth it. The monthly Fan Club galleries are so rich in inspiration, and I love being able to upload my photos whenever I want to.

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Will you participate in Falliday Fest? What tips do you have to share for new Splitcoast Stamper members and/or Falliday Fest participants? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Article written by Deedee Anderson

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