Fabulous Faux Metal Accents [Tutorial]

Fabulous Faux Metal Accents

Turn plain cardstock into fabulous faux metal accents for your paper crafts! This easy step by step tutorial will get you started.

Trendy Metallics

Metallics never really go out of style, but sometimes they’re a bit more fashion forward than others. This is one of those times! Although this means there are many wonderful new metallic supplies on the market, you don’t have to break your bank to get in on this trend. With just a few supplies, you can easily make your own fabulous faux metal accents!

How to Make Faux Metal Accents

To make faux metal accents, we’ll be using rubber stamps, pigment ink, and heated embossing powder with some plain cardstock. The process is easy, but does require a bit of preparation as well as good timing. Before starting, I recommend reading these directions through a couple of times first. That way, you’ll be sure of what to do and when.

Ready? Here we go!


Supplies to make faux metal embellishments - Faux Metal Accents

  • Cardstock scraps, pre-cut to the sizes and shapes you want your faux metal accents to be
  • Metallic embossing powder
  • Embossing ink
  • Rubber stamps in sizes that fit your pre-cut cardstock shapes
  • Black pigment ink
  • Heat tool
  • Heat resistant craft mat
  • Embossing Tray or similar to catch excess embossing powder and return it to the bottle
  • Tweezers or similar to hold the cardstock in place when heating



1. Gather all necessary supplies at your work area.

2. Plug your heat tool into an outlet near your work area.

3. Cover your work surface with a heat resistant craft mat or similar heat-resistant material.

4. Open your pigment ink pad, and rest your stamp, rubber side down, on the open surface. Don’t worry — this technique doesn’t take long to complete, so your ink pad won’t dry out!

TIP: Keep your open ink pad away from the heat tool when heating.

Heat Emboss Your Cardstock

1. Ink up the top of a cardstock shape thoroughly with embossing ink.

Ink your cardstock shape with embossing ink - Faux Metal Accents

2. Place the inked cardstock in your embossing tray or whatever you will use to catch the excess embossing powder.

Pour embossing powder on inked cardstock - Faux Metal Accents

3. Pour embossing powder all over the inked cardstock, and then shake off the excess.

4. Place the powdered cardstock on your heat resistant craft mat or other heat resistant surface.

Heat the powdered cardstock until the powder is melted - Faux Metal Accents

5. Heat the embossing powder on the cardstock until it is all melted.

6. Repeat steps 1 thru 5 above two or more times, until you have a nice, thick layer of metallic embossing on your cardstock. With each pass, the embossing powder should be more and more liquid before it cools.

TIP: Thicker embossing powder will reach the liquid state you need for this technique faster than detail embossing powder. When using detail embossing powder, you may need to repeat these steps a few more times.

Stamp into the Molten Embossing Powder

1. Before the last pass of embossing, ink your rubber stamp thoroughly with your black pigment ink.

Ink your stamp with black pigment ink - Faux Metal Accents

2. Emboss the cardstock for the final time, and then, while the embossing powder is still liquid, stamp your inked rubber stamp firmly into the liquid. For best effect, leave the stamp sitting in the embossing liquid as it cools and hardens.

Stamp while the liquid is still molten - Faux Metal Accents

3. Once the embossing has cooled and solidified, wiggle the stamp loose.

Finished gold piece - Faux Metal Accents

You should now have a stunning, handmade faux metal accent. So cool!!!

TIP: Clean your stamp with conditioning spray when you’re finished to keep the rubber in good shape.

Clean your stamp with conditioning spray to keep the rubber in good shape - Faux Metal Accents

Fun, Right?!?

How fun was that? This is definitely another one of those addictive techniques. I once spent an entire Fall making nothing but faux metal accents. Seriously!

Collection of faux metal accents

Now that you know how, repeat this technique with different metallic embossing powders, stamps, and cardstock shapes to create a variety of fun looks. For an extra cool effect, try sprinkling little bits of different colored powders into the metallic powder while heating. Keep at it, and pretty soon you’ll have a whole collection of trendy but affordable metallic accents to add to your paper craft projects!

Materials Used

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Article written by Deedee Anderson

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