Goodie Bag Guide – Treat Bag Tool [Review]

Goodie Bag Guide - Treat Bag Tool Review

Is the Goodie Bag Guide treat bag tool by We R Memory Keepers really as ‘cutting edge’ as it seems? Find out in my detailed product review!

Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers

Do you make a lot of treat bags? If so, then the Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers may be just the tool you need.

Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers
Goodie Bag Guide by We R Memory Keepers

According to the manufacturers, the Goodie Bag Guide is perfect for making custom treat bags in various sizes in a snap. You don’t have even have to be good with tools to use this one, because it’s about as low-tech as it gets. Simply follow the measurements included in the instructions to size your base papers correctly, align the tool as needed, and then tear and fold your way to finished treat bags. The only additional tool you need is adhesive to seal the edges of your treat bags closed. When finished, each treat bag will have a professional-looking pinked edge, along with a foldable flap closure.

Treat bags made with the Goodie Bag Guide

Sounds like a pretty neat tool, right?  Let’s take a closer look!

Product Details

Size: 13 x 2.75 x 1/8 inches when fully assembled (Package size is 16 x 4-3/4 x 1/2 inches)

Weight: About 6 ounces packaged (shipping container not included)

What’s Included in the Box:

Packaged Goodie Bag Guide
Packaged Goodie Bag Guide
  • One Goodie Bag Guide tool
  • One direction booklet

Assembly Requirements:

Comes fully asseembled - Goodie Bag Guide
Comes fully assembled

The Goodie Bag Guide comes fully assembled. However, it is is made up of four interlocking segments that connect to each other via small metal pins. You may need to remove and/or rearrange the segments depending on the size of treat bag you want to make. Directions for this are included.

Separated segments - Goodie Bag Guide
Separated segments of the Goodie Bag Guide

With this tool, you can make:

Per the instruction booklet, custom goodie bags in four different widths: 5-1/2, 4-1/2, 3-1/2, and 2-1/2 inches wide.


$11.13 at | $11.37 at | $12.99 at We R Memory Keepers

How the Goodie Bag Guide Works

The way that you use the Goodie Bag Guide will vary slightly depending on the size of treat bag that you make with it (see Assembly Requirements above). However, here is the product introduction video by We R Memory Keepers to give you a sense of the process.

The Real Details

To test this tool, I made multiple goodie bags in each of the four widths the Goodie Bag Guide claims to make. Here’s what I found in the process:

What I Love About the Goodie Bag Guide

  • Value priced. It’s rare to find any papercraft tool at this price point, let alone one that does a big job like creating treat bags in various sizes. I really appreciated how affordable this was.
  • Clear instructions. True to form, We R Memory Keepers provided detailed, easy-to-follow  instructions for how to use the Goodie Bag Guide.
  • Using the tool is fairly intuitive. Although I always read the instructions first, my teenaged daughters don’t. However, both were able to figure out how to use the Goodie Bag Guide with just a little trial and error.
  • Does what it claims to do. The Goodie Bag Guide works. Once I got the hang of using it, I was able to make several treat bags in just a few minutes.
  • No paper trimmer needed. The instructions for this tool include a method for tearing your base papers to the size that you need. It worked great for me, and saved me the time and hassle of fussing with a paper trimmer.
  • Makes more sizes than expected. Although you can only make treat bags in four widths using the Goodie Bag Guide, you can adjust the height of the treat bag quite a bit. It’s all a matter of where you place the tool on the paper before making your tears.
  • Sturdy design. Although made of clear plastic, it is a nice, thick, plastic that shouldn’t break easily from normal use.
  • Dismantles for easy storage. Because the Goodie Bag Guide is segmented by design, you can easily pull it apart for storage.
TIP: Keep the segments together in a ziplock bag so that none get lost!
  • Part of a bigger collection. In my research, I found that the Goodie Bag Guide is part of a bigger “Oh Goodie” collection by We R Memory Keepers.  The collection includes a variety of Glassine paper packs, like the ones I used to make the treat bags shown above. Glassine paper is perfect for making treat bags, because it’s both food safe and grease resistant.
Oh Goodie Papers - Goodie Bag Guide
Some of the specialty papers available in the Oh Goodie collection
    Other components include:
  • Gold and silver circle sticker seals
  • Rose heart seals
  • A variety of tie, paperclip, and clothespin bag closures
  • A second Goodie Bag Guide tool that has a scalloped edge. (NOTE: This one is NOT adjustable in the same way that the original Goodie Bag Guide is. It is one solid piece of plastic that can’t be disassembled.)

What I Don’t Love About the Goodie Bag Guide

  • Works better turned on its side. The instructions for the Goodie Bag Guide tell you to lay the tool horizontally over the top and bottom of the paper, respectively, to make the edge tears. However, I really struggled to make clean tears using it this way. So I tried rotating the tool and using it vertically. Using it this way, I was finally able to get the great decorative edged tears I’d hoped for. Interestingly, the demonstrator in the product video above also uses the tool vertically, not horizontally as his company recommends!
Tears better vertically - Goodie Bag Guide
Laying the tool down the side of the paper worked better than laying it across the paper
  • Only works well with Glassine, vellum or thin patterned papers. In the product demonstration video, the company rep mentions that the Goodie Bag Guide may be more difficult to use with cardstock. Personally, I found it impossible to use successfully with cardstock, but maybe my cardstock is just all too thick. I don’t mind limiting myself to thin papers with this tool, but it would have been nice to be warned. Neither We R Memory Keepers’ own product listing for the Goodie Bag Guide nor the enclosed instructions mention this.
  • Clunky formatting of the instructions. The instructions for this tool are printed on one long, vertical fold-out. It felt like I was holding a toilet paper roll that I kept having to wind and unwind as I was learning to use the Goodie Bag Guide. These really could have been put in booklet form to avoid unnecessary frustration.

Cutting Edge or Not?

The Goodie Bag Guide is indeed an innovative tool that does exactly what it promises: help you make treat bags in a variety of sizes very quickly. It is sturdily built, and the way that the pieces interlock makes it very easy to store. In terms of price, this tool really is an incredible value. A quality pair of scissors typically costs more than the Goodie Bag Guide!

The only real complaint I have about it this tool is that I had to figure out the best way to use it — vertically, NOT horizontally as instructed — on my own. I do think it’s important to raise this issue, though, because changing how I used it made a world of difference. If I hadn’t thought to do so, I’d have given the Goodie Bag Guide up as a dud. That said, if you do invest in this tool, I recommend experimenting to figure out which tearing method works better for you.

Bottom line, if you’re a frequent treat bag maker — or want to be — the Goodie Bag Guide would be very helpful to you.  The price can’t be beat for the time it saves you on not having to juggle multiple tools. In fact, it’s already proven a huge help to me. Just last week I used this tool to make a few dozen last-minute Christmas treat bags, meeting a tight deadline without sacrificing quality in my work. With Valentine’s Day not too far off, I’m really thankful to have this tool in my stash!

Share Your Thoughts

Will you use the Goodie Bag Guide to make treat bags? What questions do you have about it that I can answer for you? If you already use the Goodie Bag Guide, what tips do have to share with other crafters for using this tool? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Article written by Deedee Anderson


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