Make Marbled Paper in Rich Fall Colors [Tutorial]


Make marbled paper in rich Fall colors to add seasonal pizazz to your Fall paper crafts! Learn how in this detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Bring Fall Beauty to Your Paper Crafts

One of the best things about Fall is its rich and varied color palette! From quiet browns to bold burgundies, Fall is a feast of colors for the eyes. Adding these colors to your Fall paper crafts is definitely part of the fun of the season! But Fall isn’t just about the colors. There are a lot of patterns and textures that we can borrow from nature this time of year, too.

In today’s project, we’ll do a little of both. We’ll combine rich Fall colors with the naturally swirly pattern of the blowing wind, and make marbled paper!

To do this, we’ll use shaving cream — which most of us have at home already — with dye ink re-inkers. This project may get a bit messy, so put on grubby clothes and cover your work surface before you start. However, the results will be so fabulous, you won’t mind the mess!

How to Make Marbled Paper in Fall Colors

Now let’s get going on today’s project!



Supplies needed to make marbled paper

  • Aluminum foil*
  • Rimmed cookie sheet or other rimmed, rectangular dish
  • Shaving cream (Use the cheap stuff!)
  • Dye ink re-inkers in Fall colors — Red, yellow, green, orange, brown
  • Toothpick/Stir Stick, or similar thin-tipped tool to swirl the colors
  • White cardstock
  • Paper towels
  • Scrap paper to cover your work surface, if necessary
*TIP: I bought a pack of disposable baking sheets at the Dollar Tree that I keep on hand for messy projects like this. They are washable, but if one gets ruined, it won’t be a big loss.



1. Gather all necessary supplies at your work area.

2. Cover your entire work surface with scrap paper, if necessary.

3. Change into grubby work clothes that you don’t mind getting ink on. Inks doesn’t wash out of clothes easily!

Make the Shaving Cream and Ink Mixture

1. Line your baking sheet or rectangular dish with aluminum foil to protect it. (This isn’t necessary if using disposable pans.)

2. Fill the tray with shaving cream.

Fill the tray with shaving cream

3. With your hands, smooth the surface of the shaving cream.

Smooth out the shaving cream with your hands

4. Squeeze a few drops of each color of ink onto the shaving cream. Be sure to space your drops apart some for best effect.

Add drops from you reinkers to the shaving cream

5. Use a thin stirring stick or similar tool to swirl the paint into the shaving cream. The goal here is lots of swirls, but don’t mix the ingredients too thoroughly, or you will have a muddy mess!

Swirl the ink into the shaving cream

TIP: I swirled my colors a lot, because I wanted a lot of color on my paper. For more white space, swirl the colors less.

Apply the Cardstock to the Mixture

1. Press your cardstock facedown into the shaving cream. Make sure all parts of the face of the paper make contact.

2. Remove the paper, and set it aside on paper towels.

3. Let the paper sit for a few minutes so that the mixture can settle on its surface.

4. Gently blot the excess shaving cream mixture from the surface of the paper with clean paper towels.

Blot the shaving cream from the paper with paper towels

5. Repeat with additional sheets of cardstock, if desired.

6. Set your paper aside to dry.

Marbled paper

TIP: The paper may need to sit overnight to dry completely. If you’re in a hurry to use it, you can dry it with a heat tool. Hold the heat tool at least six inches away from the paper, and move the tool back and forth over the paper the entire time to avoid burning the paper.

7. Clean up!

Project Variation

Experiment with using different amounts of shaving cream and ink in your tray. Here’s a paper I created by adding just a thin layer of shaving cream to the pan, along with my usual amount of ink. The swirl patterns didn’t hold when I pressed the paper into the tray, but the paper picked up some of the grid pattern from the pan. Cool!

Paper made with thin layer of shaving cream

Ways to Use Your Marbled Paper

You can use your new marbled paper in any way that you would normally use cardstock. Stamp on it to make a card… (I stamped mine with the Lovely Leaves set by Close to My Heart)

Stamp on marbled paper to make a card

…Cut it into 2.5- x 3.5-inch rectangles for ATC or pocket letter cards…

Cut marbled paper into pieces to make ATC or pocket letter cards

…punch Fall shapes with paper punches and dies, or use your marbled paper any other way you can imagine!

Punch Fall shapes from marbled paper

TIP: Be aware that the moisturizers in shaving cream may make it so that your marbled paper is harder to stick down than normal cardstock. You may find that you have to use double-sided tape where you would normally use a tape runner.

Share Your Thoughts

What other ideas do you have about this project? Are there other ways you can think of to accomplish the marbled effect on paper? What other materials could you add marbled patterns to? Which projects will you use this technique on? Comment below to share your ideas!

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Article written by Deedee Anderson


4 thoughts on “Make Marbled Paper in Rich Fall Colors [Tutorial]

  1. KT Fit Kitty says:

    This looks gorgeous, Deedee! I know it’s shaving cream but it looks really yummy too hehe. Love how your paper turned out – perfect for fall! Love the die-cuts too! Just came from your blog and thought your cards looked fabulous!

    • Hee hee — it does look kind of yummy, doesn’t it? Like a frosted cake! Mmm…cake! LOL! Thanks so much about my cards! I had a lot of fun making both the paper and the cards. I hope you’ll visit again soon. 🙂

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