Cricut October Mystery Box 2016 – Big Savings, Big Fun

Cricut October Mystery Box

Save big with the Cricut October Mystery Box — over $100 in Cricut products for just $29.99! Find out what’s inside and get yours today!

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Cricut October Mystery Box Now Available!

It’s today, it’s today!  The Cricut October Mystery Box is now available to order!

This month, for just $29.99, you get over $116 worth of cartridges and other materials to use with your Explore cutting machine. The Cricut October Mystery Box is such a great way for budget crafters to get huge savings on new goodies!

Supplies Are Extremely Limited

The Cricut October Mystery Box is extremely limited in available quantities, so don’t wait to order if you’re interested! These boxes are such a great deal that they usually sell out in the first couple days that they’re available! The Cricut October Mystery Box isn’t likely to be an exception — don’t snooze or you will lose!

TIP: If you do find that they’re already sold out when you try to order, click the link at the top of the item listing to be notified by email when they restock. Sometimes they do restock, but that isn’t ever guaranteed.

What’s Included in a Cricut Mystery Box?

The contents of each Cricut Mystery Box varies, but always includes Cricut cartridges as well as a few other Cricut supplies for you to play with. Although you aren’t guaranteed to get exactly the same items as someone else purchasing the same box, the contents are usually pretty much the same. Typically everyone gets the same Cricut cartridges, but may get slightly different supplies, or the same supplies but in different colors.

Is the Cricut October Mystery Box Right for You?

Despite being an incredibly deal, the Cricut October Mystery box may not be the right deal for everyone. Here’s some info to help you decide:

  • The cartridges included in the Cricut October Mystery Box are for use only with the Cricut line of cutting machines. If you don’t have one of these, and don’t plan on upgrading, this box is NOT right for you.
  • This is an individual purchase, not a subscription service.
  • Cricut reserves the right to substitute products based on availability, but you will always get the same dollar value as other customers ordering the same box.
  • The Cricut October Mystery Box includes one cartridge that isn’t available to purchase anywhere else, including in Access.
  • It also includes 3 supplies that will be very helpful in Holiday crafting.
  • This month’s other cartridges are included in the Cricut Access program, which means that if you’re a member, you can already use them in Design Space. However, if you want the physical cartridges, which are great to have for times when Design Space is down, this is an awesome deal. Also, Access members get an automatic additional 10% discount on all Cricut purchases — bonus!

Coupon Code & How to Save Even More

Did you know that you can get up to an additional 30% off the already low price of this Mystery Box?

  • Use the coupon code HALLOWEEN at checkout to save 10% on your order and get FREE U.S. shipping.
  • If you’re a Cricut Access member, you’ll automatically save an additional 10%.
  • Cricut Circle members save still another 10%!

Spoiler Alert!

If you want to be totally surprised by your Cricut October Mystery Box, then please don’t read any further! Simply pop on over and order and order your Cricut October Mystery Box. But if you want to know what’s inside, read on!

Cricut October Mystery Box Contents

Are you sure you want to know? OK, here we go! This month’s mystery box includes these products:

What’s Included?

  • Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge
  • Car Decals Cricut Cartridge – This cartridge is NOT available to purchase anywhere else — it’s not even included in Cricut Access!
  •  Baby Steps Cricut Cartridge
  • Anna’s Holiday Splendor Washi Sheets
  • Cricut Vinyl – 1 roll each of Silver and Gold

Create a Critter (Regularly $29.99)

Create a Critter - Cricut October Mystery BoxCreate a Critter Cartridge Images - Cricut October Mystery Box Create a Critter Cartridge - More Images - Cricut October Mystery Box

Create a Critter Cartridge - Cricut October Mystery Box

Baby Steps (Regularly $29.99)

Baby Steps Cartridge - Cricut October Mystery Box

Baby Steps Cartridge - Cricut October Mystery Box

Baby Steps Cartridge - Cricut October Mystery Box

Car Decals (Not available to buy separately)

Car Decals Cricut Cartridge - Cricut October Mystery Box

Cricut Washi Sheets – Anna’s Holiday Splendor (Regularly $12.99)

Cricut Washi Sheets - Anna's Holiday Splendor by Anna Griffin - Cricut October Mystery Box

Cricut Vinyl – Silver (Regularly $6.99)

Cricut Vinyl - Silver - Cricut October Mystery Box

Cricut Window Cling – Gold (Regularly $6.99)

Cricut Window Cling - Gold - Cricut October Mystery Box

5 thoughts on “Cricut October Mystery Box 2016 – Big Savings, Big Fun

  1. I think I read that this box isn’t good if you only have Cricut Expressions…is that correct? I’m guessing I need the one that hooks up to a computer?

    • Hi Kathy, Thanks for your question! You can use these ones will ALL Cricut machines. Awesome, right? The only ones that you can’t, to my knowledge, are when they offer an occasional Digital Mystery Box, because you have to be online to get the designs. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Connie Selby says:

    Hi Deedee, I ordered the August mystery box and never received it, so I don’t know if I will order anymore of them.

    • Oh no! I’ve never heard of that happening, but am so very sorry to hear that it happened to you. Did you contact Cricut? You can call them toll free at 877-7CRICUT, or they have online chat where you can talk with a representative at Please let me know how it goes — I hate knowing you didn’t get the service you deserve and the products you ordered!

      • I was so glad to hear from you last night that you sorted this with Cricut, and that it turned out to be the *Digital* Mystery Box that you ordered. Were you able to get the cartridges pulled up alright in Design Space? If not, please let me know, and I’ll help you find them.

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