Organize Craft Supplies Better With 5 Affordable Space-saving Tools

Top 5 Tools to Better Organize Craft Supplies

Do you buy craft supplies only to lose or forget about them? Improve the way you organize craft supplies with these 5 affordable, space-saving tools!

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Lost and Forgotten Supplies

Today I did something I wasn’t sure I ever would: I used the pumpkins Cuttlebug embossing folder that I’ve had for years! This lovely embossing folder is one that I wanted for a long time. However, when I finally got it, I tucked it away somewhere and then totally forgot I had it!

I wish I could say this was the first craft supply that I’ve forgotten or lost, but it’s not. The sad fact it’s been more the norm for me than the exception. This year, however I finally broke the cycle. How? By changing the way that I organize craft supplies!

Time for a Change?

Does my situation sound familiar to you? Do you buy craft supplies only to forget about or lose them? If so, then you, too, may need to change the way that you organize craft supplies.

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to systems that we think are working. But sometimes we have to face facts. If you’re forgetting and/or losing your craft supplies, then the way you organize them just isn’t working!

Without question, there’s a lot to think about and research in terms of improving how you organize craft supplies. There’s the size of your craft space to consider, not to mention your budget. To give you a little head-start, here are 5 awesome space-saving ways to organize craft supplies that work well for me.

5 Space-Saving Tools to Organize Craft Supplies

1. Multi-color Ten-drawer Rolling Cart – $24.98 via

Seville Classics makes a wonderful line of rolling carts to help you organize craft supplies easily. These carts come in a variety of sizes, from narrow to extra wide, so there are options for whatever space you have. You also can get them in different styles, depending on the kinds of craft supplies you need to store. There are carts with drawers, baskets, hangers for files, and shelves, as well as various combinations of these.

To organize craft supplies in my limited space, I purchased two of their Multi-color Ten-drawer carts. They have drastically improved my ability to remember where I put things!

10 Drawer Rolling Cart by Seville Classics - Organize Craft Supplies

This cart measures 12.8 inches wide x 15.4 inches deep x 38.2 inches high, and includes two drawers in each of five different colors. The frame is metal, with a single metal tray that sits above the drawers for storing large tools. This model is very lightweight. Because of this, as well as the wheels on the bottom, it is very easy to move. There is also a locking break mechanism on the back wheels to keep it from accidentally rolling away from where you place it. Some assembly is required, but I was able to do it by myself, and I’m not very handy.

What I love most about this cart — besides the narrow size, ease of mobility, and reasonable price — is the colored drawers. These made it very easy for me to organize craft supplies by type, and then remember what is where! I use one cart for loose stamps, and the other to store tools, such as paper punches, Cuttlebug plates, adhesives, etc. On the top metal shelves I store my Cuttlebug machine along with my paper trimmer and a few other medium sized tools that I use regularly.

2. Room Essentials Three-Tier Storage and Utility Cart with Wheels – $34.99 via

Room Essential 3-Tier Rolling Cart - Organize Craft Supplies

The Room Essentials Three-tier Chrome Utility Cart is another fabulous tool to organize craft supplies! This cart measures  27.5 inches wide x 13 inches deep x 32 inches high, has a chrome-plated metal frame, and is quite sturdy. It includes two shelves and a large bottom basket. Like the ten-drawer cart, this cart has wheels. Although it is heavier than the other cart, it is still very easy to move. Again, some assembly is required, but the directions were very clear and easy to follow.

I find that this cart is perfect for storing papers, craft books, photos, and my Cricut Explore Air cutting machine.The open shelves make it very easy to see what I have at all times! My cutting machine sits on the top shelf, with a little spare room for odds and ends of current projects. I store my papers and books upright on the middle shelf. Finally, in the bottom basket I’ve placed my photo boxes, so they’re all in one place for scrapbooking.

3. Clear Plastic Organizers with Handles – $14.95 to $24.95 via Close To My Heart

Large Organizer by Close To My Heart - Organize Craft Supplies

The plastic organizers by Close To My Heart are the best I’ve ever found! These stackable boxes are light-weight, and come in three main sizes — Small, Medium, and Large. The dimensions for each are as follows:

There are a few different inserts available to purchase for the Small box, depending on what you want to store in it.The Medium and Large cases both include removable storage dividers so that you can adjust the compartments to organize craft supplies according to your needs.

All three sizes have snap closures, which is great for keeping out dust. Also, the handles on these organizers are very sturdy, which makes them easy to transport, even when filled. Because they are clear, you can also see what’s inside each without having to dig through.

One of my favorite things about these cases is that the bases of the boxes are all the same size, so they stack together very nicely. I also love being able to see through them at a glance to know which box I need to grab. I use the Large organizers to store stamps. In the Medium organizers I store ink pads and other stamping supplies. I also use this size to organize craft supplies like packaged embellishments, as well as die cuts and the like, using the divided compartments. Finally, I use the Small organizers to keep track of loose embellishments, acrylic blocks for stamping, and my mini ink pads. The inserts that are available for this size are perfect for those!

4. Art Bin Magnetic Die Storage Case – $15.99 via

Art Bin Magnetic Die Storage Case - Organize Craft Supplies

The Art Bin Magnetic Die Storage Case is one organizer I’m not sure how I ever lived without! This handy, clear case measures 9.25 wide x 10 inches deep x 2.75 inches high, and includes three 9 x 7-inch magnetic sheets for sticking your metal dies to. Place the dies on the sheets however you want, and then close the case with its two snap locks. No more losing dies, and no more forgetting which ones you have! Additional magnetic sheets are also available to purchase.

5. Darice Embossing Folder Organizers – $13.53 to $15.79 via

Darice Embossing Folder Organizer - Organize Craft Supplies

The Darice Embossing Folder Organizers are fabulous for keeping track of your embossing folders! It comes in two sizes, depending on the size of folders you have. Each includes several double-sided padded pages full of pockets, and will store 40 embossing folders. Once you’ve inserted all your folders, simply zip the organizer closed, and then stand it upright on a shelf.

The A2 Embossing Folder Organizer measures 14.25 X 10 X 1.75 inches. It is designed to hold 4.25-inch x 5.5-inch embossing folders — the size of most Cuttlebug and Darice embossing folders.

If you have 5 x 7-inch embossing folders, then you’ll want to check out the larger Darice Embossing Folder Organizer. This one measures 16.75 inches by 11.75-inches by 1.75 inches.

I  have one organizer of each size, and I adore them! When I want to dry emboss cardstock, I simply grab these off the shelf and flip through to find a folder I like. If only I’d had these a couple years ago, my poor pumpkins embossing folder wouldn’t have been so long forgotten!

Share Your Thoughts

So there you have it — 5 great, space-saving tools to better organize craft supplies so that you can always find and use what you have! Have you tried or will you try any of these tools? What other tips would you like to share about affordable, space-saving ways to organize craft supplies? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Article written by Deedee Anderson

6 thoughts on “Organize Craft Supplies Better With 5 Affordable Space-saving Tools

    • Thanks, Nancy — I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! I agree — it’s fun to see what worksf or others. I’d love to hear which tools you use to organize! 🙂

  1. Great ideas, Deedee. I love having things where I can see them. Does your Darice embossing folder holder have room in each pocket so that you could emboss a sample of each folder? This might be helpful when trying to choose which folder to use.

    I really like those colorful carts. I love color coding. 🙂

    • Thanks, Steph! I put the colored drawer carts at the top because those are the most helpful of all of the tools that I used for my reorganization. I agree — color coding is so helpful!

      What a great idea to slip an embossed piece of paper in with the folder. Yes, I think it would fit just fine, provided the paper isn’t too thick.

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