15 Paper Craft Apps to Try Today

15 Paper Craft Apps to Try Today

There’s an app for everything, including paper crafting. These 15 paper craft apps make everything from color selection to organizing supplies easier!

Paper Crafting – There’s an App for That!

There’s no denying that mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets play a huge role in our lives. The various apps available for them simplify so many daily tasks.  Most of us also already use our mobile devices to browse Pinterest and other online sources for paper craft inspiration and to shop for supplies. So why not use them to make our paper crafting easier in other ways, too? With paper craft apps, you can!

Clearly someone besides me thinks this is a good idea, because there are many amazing paper craft apps available. I’ve collected 15 great ones get you started. Try these out, and see where they take you in your paper crafting today.

TIP: Although some apps are only available for one mobile platform or another, they should give you ideas of what to look for if you use a different platform.

How-To Paper Craft Apps

iOS developer Sergey Burlakov created a whole series of “how to” paper craft apps for the iPhone and iPad. Each includes a list of projects you can make, along with combined written and photo/animated directions for making them. The number of free projects varies between apps from 7 to 20.

1. How to Make Origami (iOS only/Free + in-app Purchases)

Learn how to make anything from boxes to animals. You get to choose any 20 items from the lengthy project list for free, and then pay 99 cents per additional project download.

2. How to Make Greeting Cards (iOS only/Free)

The 25 projects included in this app are great for new card makers and those who want to try a few new patterns. Each project is rated by difficulty and includes a supply list.

3. How to Quill – Paper Quilling Art (iOS only/7 Free + in-app purchases)

Learn a few basic and a few more complicated quilling techniques with the free version. 10 additional paid lessons are also available to download.

4. How to Make Paper Airplanes (iOS only/Free but must watch ads periodically)

Get instructions to make 16 different paper airplanes of varying difficulties. This is a great one for crafting with kids!

Design Apps for Paper Crafting

These paper craft apps will help you design your projects on the go.

1. Project Life (iOs and Android/99 cents)

If you’re a pocket scrapbooker, this is a must-have paper craft app! Project Life includes all the main elements of pocket scrapbooking. You start with four basic digital Project Life card packs, and then can purchase more for 99 cents each. The program includes lots of different layout options that you can either use as a guide to help you lay out your real cards, or to create digital scrapbook pages and photo collages. There’s also a page sharing option built in.

2. Rhonna Designs (iOS and Android/$1.99)

Add backgrounds, frames, text, and other fun elements to your photos without affecting the print resolution! Additional apps are available for more fun effects.

3. Cricut Basics (iOS only but in development for Android/Free)

Design projects on the go to cut out later with your Cricut Explore, Explore Air, or Explore Air 2 cutting machine. Projects sync in Design Space between your mobile device(s) and computer.

Sketch Apps for Cards & Scrapbooks

Need sketch inspiration for making cards and scrapbook pages? Try these two fun paper craft apps!

1. Sketches 4 Cards (iOS only/Free)

The free version includes 12 lovely card sketches to get you making right away. Swipe up to see the pattern fully made up, and then click to see which supplies were used to make it. There is also a paid version of this app that includes 104 card sketches for $4.99

2. Sketches 2 Scrapbook (iOs only/Free)

Like its card sketches counterpart, the free version of this app includes 12 layouts. The features are the same as in the card sketches app, and there is a paid version that includes 104 sketches as well as a Winter-themed add-on you can purchase.

Color Match Apps

Color matching can be difficult and frustrating, but not if you use these paper craft apps!

1. Color Grab (Android only/Free)

Snap a photo, and this app will help you match the colors in it, and create coordinating palettes. You can even export your colors to many leading graphic design programs, or share them with friends!

2. Palettes (iOS only/Free plus upgrade options)

Works similarly to the Color Grab app for Android devices. Track 3 color palettes in the free version, with upgrade options to track more.

Organization Apps

Most of us wish our craft supplies and projects were more organized. Now they can be with these handy paper craft apps!

1. Craft Cabinet (iOS only/99 cents)

Photograph your stamps, dies, and anything else in your craft stash to keep track of what you have. Add written details, and then store each item in the “drawer” of your choice. You can even create a wishlist on the go in the same way!

2. Tim Holtz (iOS and Android/Free)

Keep track of and make wish lists of your favorite Tim Holtz products with this handy paper craft app. Includes product listings to make it easy!

3. Paper by 53 Inc (iOS only/Free)

A great all-purpose app to help you keep track of thoughts, ideas, and anything that inspires you. Although not specifically designed for paper crafting, Paper by 53, Inc. includes functions that will help you:

  • Take notes, which you can then style with different font sizes and even turn into a checklist
  • Sketch ideas for projects, by freehand or with editable smart shapes
  • Take photos, and then spotlight, draw, or write on them
  • Organize it all into a handy bulletin board style grid
  • Connect with others who use the Paper app to exchange ideas

This app also has an easy-to-follow intro tutorial, broken down into individual tips that you can repeat whenever you need a reminder. Frequent users can even buy a special ‘Pencil’ stylus tool for more flexibility in using the Paper app.

4. Evernote (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Blackberry/Free Basic plan)

Evernote is another app that wasn’t specifically designed for paper crafting, but is very applicable! With this powerful tool, you can create searchable databases (‘Notebooks’) of your supplies, designs, and more. You can also use it to “clip” online articles, whole or in part, that you want to hold on to. Paid upgrades are available, but the free Basic plan, in my opinion, offers all the features paper crafters need.

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Article written by Deedee Anderson

2 thoughts on “15 Paper Craft Apps to Try Today

  1. Thanks for the great app list. I hadn’t heard of some of these. I have tried Evernote before but even though I consider myself fairly tech-savvy, I find myself lost with it. How about a tutorial or some usage tips on it? I hear people talk about how great it is for keeping track of their craft supplies but… 🙁

    • Hi Steph, I totally hear you — some apps like Evernote definitely have a learning curve, however helpful they are. I will work on putting a tutorial together for you (and anybody else who needs this) on this. I appreciate the suggestion and the chance to help! 🙂

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