7 Ways to Safeguard Memories Now for Holiday Scrapbook Pages Later

7 Ways to Safeguard Memories Now for Holiday Scrapbook Pages Later

Don’t have time to make holiday scrapbook pages right now? These 7 tips will help you safeguard your holiday memories until you do!

Safeguard Now, Scrapbook Later

Whether you spend the holidays with family, friends or a wonderful mix of the two, you’re sure to have moments and memories you want to capture and preserve. Scrapbooking is, of course, the perfect way to do that, but it can be difficult to find time for it during the holiday season. Don’t worry if you can’t! True, it’s always better to record memories while they’re fresh in your mind. However, there are some easy things you can do to ensure they’re still there when you’re ready to make your holiday scrapbook pages.

1. Take Lots of Photos

Scrapbooking is about telling your story, and doesn’t have to include photos at all. However, photos are a huge help when you’re trying to remember the details of a special day or gathering. Not only will seeing your photos help to jog your memory, but they can also point you in the direction of who to ask if you have gaps that need filled in. Of course, they do make great focal points for your holiday scrapbook pages as well!

2. Use An App to Take Notes on Your Photos

Apps like Phone Notes for iOS and Vibin Photo Notes for Android let you add notes to your photos, without writing on the photos themselves. Such a fast and easy way to preserve holiday photo details on the go!

3. Share Photos on Social Media

Most of us are already in the habit of sharing our favorite photos to social media, because it’s a great way to interact with family and friends. These same photo shares can be really helpful for scrapbooking, too! When it comes time to make your holiday scrapbook pages, take a peek back at what you shared for dates and fun little details. Don’t forget to check the feeds of others who were involved — it might help fill in a gap or two.

4. Keep a Journal

Journalling is a healthy habit in and of itself. However, it can also be a great scrapbooking tool, for two main reasons. First, writing things down can help to solidify them in your mind. Second, journalling creates a tangible record you can refer back to later.

To help safeguard your holiday memories, take a few minutes each day to journal. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but do write down any important details you don’t want to forget. The 5 W’s  — Who, What, When, Where, and Why — are a great place to start if you’re not sure what to write.

Not a fan of hand writing? Try journalling on your computer or other electronic device instead. In fact, electronic journalling has an added benefit: when it’s time to caption your holiday scrapbook pages, you can simply print snippets from your journal!

5. Save Memorabilia in Page Protectors

If you have memorabilia from a holiday celebration, such as invitations, cards, gift tags, tickets, etc., save them in page protectors or scrapbook pockets. If you don’t have these, a ziplock baggie will also work. Then take a minute to write a few basic details on a piece of scrap paper, and tuck that inside, too. These little bits will help to jog your memory later when it’s time to make your holiday scrapbook pages. Plus, memorabilia makes great page accents! Just be sure to store your little memory-nudging kit in a safe place so you can find it when you need it.

TIP: I store my memorabilia in 12×12 page protectors that I keep in a D-ring album. When I’m ready to scrapbook a topic, I simply pull out the page protector that contains that memorabilia. Then I use that same page protector to hold the scrapbook page I make.

6. Tell a Friend

Talking about your holidays experiences out loud is a great way to imprint the memories of them in your mind. Besides, it gives you a great excuse to spend an hour gabbing with a friend over a warm seasonal drink!

7. Close Your Eyes and Replay the Day

Studies show that closing your eyes helps to jog your memory. And we all know that replaying things in our minds helps strengthen our memories. So after a long day of celebrating, just take a minute to close your eyes and replay it all in detail. Who was there? What was said? When, where, and why did all of this take place? (Again — those 5 Ws!)


These are just some of the many ways you can safeguard your memories now to scrapbook later. Using these techniques will help to imprint precious holiday moments more strongly in your mind. In addition, it will give you some physical resources to draw on when need them. While scrapbooking is the perfect way to preserve holiday memories long-term, making holiday scrapbook pages can wait until after the busyness of the season is over. For now, simply relax and enjoy celebrating the holidays with the ones you love.

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Do you make holidays scrapbook pages right away, or wait until after the holidays are over? What other techniques can or do you use to keep your holiday memories fresh? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Article written by Deedee Anderson



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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Safeguard Memories Now for Holiday Scrapbook Pages Later

  1. What great ideas, Deedee! I especially liked the idea of using social media to help you remember details. I’ve used the idea of keeping memorabelia in a page protector before too. It is so helpful. You are so good at giving practical ideas to accomplish our goals while keeping things low stress. You have a talent for that!!

    • Awww, shucks — thanks so much, Stephanie! Just trying to help out where I can. I’m so glad you enjoyed these ideas, and hope that they *will* be helpful to you!

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