11 Creative Ways to Use Paper Scraps


Paper scraps taking over your craft space?  Check out these 11 creative ways to use paper scraps to bust your stash today!

Puzzling Over Paper Scraps

When you craft with paper, inevitably you build up a pretty sizeable stash of paper scraps. If you don’t watch out, they can quickly take over your craft space! The question is, what do you do with all of them? This is a question that I hear often from other paper crafters. Thankfully, it’s also one that’s easily answered: make more projects!

How to Use Large Paper Scraps

Remember, not every paper craft requires a full sheet of paper. So why cut into a new piece when you can use paper scraps just as easily? Large paper scraps are especially useful. For example, you can use paper scraps that are large in these ways:

  • Make layers for handmade greeting cards or scrapbook pages
  • Cut them into shapes and sentiments with dies
  • Use them to wrap small gifts
  • Make your own pocket cards for pocket scrapbooking and/or pocket letters
  • Cut them into perfect squares (all sides of equal length) for origami folding
  • Make small custom envelopes or envelope liners

Creative Ways to Use Paper Scraps That Are Small

Although depositing small paper scraps in the recycle bin is certainly an option, there’s no need to do this. If anything, I think it’s more fun to use paper scraps that are small than the large ones — there are just so many creative ways to do so! Check out how these 11 creative crafters from around the web used theirs. Using some of these ideas, you’ll use up your small paper scraps in no time!

1. Window Gift Tags

Cut windows into gift tags and back them with scrap papers - Use Scrap Papers

Punch or die cut shapes into small gift tags, and then layer pieces of scrap paper onto the backs. Such a clever and festive idea from Kelly at Simply Kelly Designs!

2. Quilt Cards

Quilt Card by Robin of Robin's Craft Room - Use Paper Scraps

Quilts always give a sense of warmth and caring. Why not use paper scraps to create this same effect on your handmade cards? Use your paper trimmer to cut the scraps into the shapes you need, and then lay them out in your favorite quilt pattern. Robin of Robin’s Craft Room made her gorgeous Fall quilt card using this technique!

3. Strip Flowers

Mix and match paper strips to make flower embellishments - Use Paper Scraps

Although Amy at Crate Paper cut down a larger paper scrap to make these strip flower embellishments, you could use easily use paper scraps that are small to do the same! Mixing and matching your paper strips will also give them a cheerful and colorful look.

4. Title Tags

Use paper scraps to make vintage-looking title tags

All you need to make these vintage-looking title tags ala Vintage Street Market are paper scraps and a little string! Stamp on a title, write it in by hand, or even use letter stickers to finish these off.

5. Mixed Media Backgrounds

Use paper scraps to make stunning mixed media backgrounds

Use paper scraps as-is, or tear them into smaller pieces to create awesome mixed media backgrounds. That’s what Lisa Griffith did to create this stunning scrapbook page.

6. Punch Shapes

Use paper scraps with shaped punches to add fun to your cards

Paper punches are one of the most effective ways to use paper scraps. Since punches come in some pretty tiny sizes, like the leaf punch used on this gorgeous card by Heather of Houses Built of Cards, even the tiniest scraps will get used up!

7. Make Handmade Papers

Recycle unwanted scraps into handmade papers

Recycle any paper scraps that you don’t want to use on other projects into brand new, handmade papers! There’s a great tutorial for how to do this over at Aunt Annie’s Crafts.

8. DIY Christmas Ornaments


Wrapping paper and other thin papers are perfect for making DIY Christmas ornaments. Dusty Rogers at All Things G&D will show you how she made this gorgeous ornament and several others from her wrapping paper scraps!

9. Flower Wall Art

Cut paper scraps into petals for unique flower wall art - Use Paper Scraps

How about making some unique flower wall art for your home? Hand cut your paper scraps into flower petals, and then glue them to a canvas, as in this tutorial by Cut Out ‘n Keep.

10. Paper Wrapped Pencils

Paper wrapped pencils make great little gifts! - Use Paper Scraps

Paper wrapped pencils are great for personalizing handmade stationery sets, or using as stocking stuffers! Candy at My Paper Art makes hers by applying glue to pencils, and then simply wrapping strips of paper around them. Coat the outside with a little matte medium or ModPodge, and  you have a great little gift!

11. Paper Piece Stamped Images

Stamp on paper scraps to paper piece your images

Paper piecing is a fun way to add color to your stamped images and use up your paper scraps at the same time. To do this, stamp one base image on cardstock. Then stamp the different parts of that same image onto paper scraps. Cut out the various parts, and then glue them to your base image. Tracy at Paper Craft Nut used this technique to decorate her stunning hot air balloon!

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Article written by Deedee Anderson

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